A Quick Little Update

I keep forgetting to post about this, but the bees have been surprisingly active during breaks between the rain. To the point that it looks like spring out there. They are also hauling in huge amounts of pollen. It seems like every other bee coming back from forage is carrying bright yellow pollen. Aside from the fact that with all this activity they may be burning through their winter stores a little faster than they should be, I’m not really worried about them at all. White Hive had a ridiculous amount of honey last time I opened them, and they actually made it through the winter with a good deal of honey to spare last year, so I see no reason for them to not make it through the winter this year. I think I’m most concerned with my aunts hive, since they were only able to fill two boxes this year. That said, that’s what Warre’ says the hives should be reduced to for overwintering.


5 responses to “A Quick Little Update”

  1. Emma Sarah Tennant says :

    How are your bees getting on in winter? Hope they are keeping snug? 🙂

    • willowbatel says :

      I’ve been meaning to write a post for weeks now. I’m not sure exactly how well they’re doing, because both hives behave differently. Sometimes bees from both colonies come out when its sunny and ‘warm’, sometimes only one colony has bees out… and just the other day I saw the bees from the warrè hive kicking drones out. Ones that were still alive. I went and picked one up and saw that his wings were seriously malformed, which makes me concerned for the rest of the colony. I have no idea how my aunts colony is doing, but I don’t expect it to make it through the winter because they didn’t manage to fill the “required” two boxes. And my aunt isn’t home enough during the day to see if there’s any activity. I may go peak into the Langstroth on the next warm day, because I haven’t seen much activity from them. To be fair, that hive is painted white, and its behind the shadow of the warrè so it doesn’t get much heat from the sun.
      How are you bees doing?

      • Emma Sarah Tennant says :

        Like you, we hope for the best. As we can’t look inside the hives at the moment (it is -2 outside and the cold would be harm them) but we watch the entrance to check it isn’t blocked and for signs the bees are ok. We have fondant in the roof which helps us to see inside the hive without opening it and observe how they are moving/how active they are/how healthy they look. Also have insulation in the roof to help keep them warm so that they don’t have to use up too much energy and stores. And we check the varroa board as that sometimes gives clues to how things are inside. It’s a waiting game at this time of year. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all our bees! 🙂

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