An Early Spring

Spring has come early this year I think. Yesterday and today have been very warm (all the way up in the 60s), and the bees have been taking full advantage of it. Dandelions are in bloom (too many of them being in our yard), and our yard has slowly turned to purple with all of the grape hyacinths that are in bloom. There is a steady flow of pollen going into the hive, which makes me confident that everything is well.

There have been lots of bumblebees in the yard, and it seems almost over night that we’ve collected a number of birds as well. They love the stand of trees in the yard two houses down. The three turnips in the yard all have about a foot of bloom stalk on them, and the yellow of the flower buds is clearly visible from the house. They haven’t started blooming properly, but they will be before too long.

Lots of things went to seed last year, and sprouted up anew all over the yard. There are dozens of “foxtails” (as my mother calls them; I’m not sure of their proper name) all over the place, which is good because all of the pollinators in the area seemed to enjoy them last year. We have a purple passion flower looking thing that has about a dozen starts sprouting up around it, which I think the bumblebees liked last year. Oh and even the dock we have (a kind of lettucey thing) went to seed last year, which it hadn’t done before. I’m not sure what pollinated it, as it has minuscule flowers and I never saw anything on it.

Forsythia is also in bloom all over the neighborhood. I was actually kind of surprised when I turned down a street I rarely travel and found all of the houses had the bright yellow shrub somewhere in their gardens. I’m not sure if the honeybees are interested in them, but I do think they’re exploring every option. I saw a honeybee on our lungwort earlier, which they’re usually not interested in. Unfortunately the fruit trees don’t look like they’ll be in bloom for weeks yet. There are cherry blossoms everywhere though, and last year the bees did seem interested in those.


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6 responses to “An Early Spring”

  1. Emily Heath says :

    Sounds wonderful. Over here spring is at least a month behind. We just had snow last week! I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be warm outside, it’s just painful being out there.

    • willowbatel says :

      Lucky! We barely even got hail this winter.
      Its been sunny and warm here for the last week. We have some plants by the house that have put on at least 2 inches in height since last week because of the weather. It never got above 65, but it felt like it was up in the 70s. And we had the doors and windows open all week. I still have my windows open because my room is so hot. I wish we had more trees in the area to provide some shade. Heat is not my favorite thing. I’d be happy if it never got above 75. With the church parking lot across the street and the yard full of stone (plus my neighbors have the same thing, and my neighbors house next door is brick), we have a lot of heat reflected back at us all day. It makes things rather unbearable during the summer. I think two more trees in my yard alone would help make a difference.

  2. Talking With Bees says :

    Temperatures are still below freezing at night here. All my bees have died after some bad beekeeping advice and Laying Workers. I am hoping to catch an early swarm. Good luck with the beekeeping season.

    • willowbatel says :

      My last hive may be on the decline, which would be a very big shame given the nice weather were supposed to have this week. There’s definitely something going on with the drones in the colony that makes me think there’s a virus.

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