Adding A Warre Box To White Hive

I opened White Hive today, since I didn’t have time to do it yesterday. Its a good thing I did. There are only 3 or 4 frames without brood, and that’s because they’re full of capped honey. I cut open most of that, to encourage the bees to go through it and increase the space they have. The queen is nice and plump, but the bees have drawn out a couple of superseder cells anyway. I squashed them. There are 3 frames with capped brood on them.

Nectar is being pulled in, but not at the rate that I’d like. I think its mostly a space issue, so I’ve put one of the Warre’ boxes on top of the telescoping cover. The queen is more than capable of filling it in, and I feel better about adding that box than the second langstroth because its smaller and has wax drawn out. I would really really like to make at least two splits this year, and mixing the hive boxes should make it easier to do that. I hope. I’m debating buying a queen for when I do the split

There’s lots of yellow-orange pollen coming in, and numerous bees had it on their backs. Oh! And there was one frame that I had scraped clean and left on the edge of the cluster. I sprayed it with some left over sugar water and moved it to the middle of the brood cluster. The bees had drawn wax out on the tops and the bottoms of the frames, and there were eggs in most of those cells. I think they’ll have this frame drawn out by next week.

The bees were extremely easy to work with. I didn’t want to bother with the smoker, so I just blew on them to get them off of the burr comb so I could scrape it. This only bothered them enough to fly up and investigate me a couple of times when I first started doing it. At the end they were barely phased, and I had to start shooing them with my hive tool to get them to move. There were only a few bees that came up to see me throughout the inspection, but none of them seemed to actively seek a way into my suit. And none of them followed me away once I closed everything up. One did fly over to the spray bottle full of sugar I left outside, but that was the extent of their concern for me. I rather like them I think. I have yet to name the queen, but I did see her again today. I wish I could get a picture of her! The bees were so calm I was able to walk the frame away from the hive and show my mom, who was able to be out gardening while I had the hive open. A thing that was previously ridiculous to attempt. 

Anyway. Lots of pollen, some nectar, lots of eggs, a fair amount of capped brood, and a wonderful temperament. Oh, and the apple tree is no longer in bloom. The columbine are all up, and the iris. Almost all of our rhodis are blooming, which has never happened all at once before. The spider wort is in bloom, as are the raspberries and the lavender. 


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2 responses to “Adding A Warre Box To White Hive”

  1. Emily Heath says :

    It’s so much more fun working with gentle bees.

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