Healthy Honeybees And Black Bumbles

I didn’t get home from my internship until just before 5 on saturday , and by that time Doctor Who was coming on, so I didn’t have time to open the bees. That and it was raining off and on for most of Saturday. Sunday was nice and sunny for the most part though, getting up into the high 60s. There seemed to be less bees in the hive than usual, but several frames had bees emerging from them, so the hive should look a little different by next week. I’m almost worried about their numbers, but the fact that they have nectar ripening on two of the frames makes me feel better. And a great many bees should’ve emerged by now.

The bees had started to draw wax out on the frame I moved to the middle, but had tried to bring the wax out away from the frame funny so I crushed it down. There was lots of nectar in the hive, and about a frame of pollen. The bees had also tried drawing out some wax inside the warre’ box. I’d taken a chunk out of the bottom of the centre comb earlier in the year, to see what the issue was in Trunchen hive. This comb now happened to be right over top of the hole in the telescoping cover, and the bees seemed eager to fill it in.

On a slightly unrelated note, yesterday was rather nice, and while I was walking around the garden I managed to snap a picture of a bumblebee going into an iris!

image image-1 image-2


Taken with my iPhone! Isn’t she beautiful?!

Right after taking these photos I was walking down the steps to go back to the house, and a hummingbird stopped me. It began inspecting the red camellia that’s still in bloom, and I realized that it was covered in honeybees. I’d never noticed them taking an interest in it before. I saw several of them with full pollen baskets, which is understandable because that camellia has very pretty yellow pollen sitting in the middle of its wonderfully red flowers. I managed to get a picture or two.





The flowers are starting to get crumby, but the bees didn’t seem to mind at all. I’d never seen bees on this, let along a humming bird. I’m glad its contributing more than just shade to the yard!


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5 responses to “Healthy Honeybees And Black Bumbles”

  1. Emily Heath says :

    Cool photos. Love that purple iris.

  2. Emma Sarah Tennant says :

    ‘and by that time Doctor Who was coming on, so I didn’t have time to open the bees’… 🙂 Which Doctor? Tennant? Smith?

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