Wax Moth Potential

I opened the bees today because it was in the mid 60s. There is a lot of honey/nectar in the hive, but the bees don’t seem interested in drawing out wax. It may just be too cold. I couldn’t find the queen, but there were plenty of eggs visible, so I’m not worried. She may have been hiding up in the Warre’ box; there was a good number of bees in that today. Unfortunately I didn’t see any pollen, except for what I could see on the bees pollen baskets. A lot of new bees were out today though, so the pollen may have just been consumed all at once.

I noticed things crawling around under the screen at the bottom of the hive, and took the brood box off to investigate. There were a lot of little moths and grub things crawling around under there, so I took out the white board (my brain is nooot working today, so I can’t remember what that plasticy/cardboard thing under the screen is called) and scraped it clean. My first guess was wax moths, but the moths were smaller than the bees, so I don’t know that they were those… I don’t know, they were gross and there was a lot of them. I squished as many as I could and then just threw the brown mush into the garden. Which, looking back on, I shouldn’t have done. I did see some dead mites in that mush so there were definitely some in the last colony. I hadn’t been able to pull that white board- is it just a mite board? That sounds more reasonable… *sigh* anyway, it had been too cold to move it, and all the stuff on it was caked on. Apparently I haven’t been very good about checking that.  I’ll be better this year!

The bees seem to be doing just fine. The lack of pollen is worrisome, but I don’t know what I can do about that at the moment. I’ll have to see about getting some more pollen producing plants in the yard.


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2 responses to “Wax Moth Potential”

  1. Emily Heath says :

    I usually call the white board a varroa monitoring board, but not sure what you guys would call it! Perhaps lots of dropped pollen had built up on it and the moths were living on that. It shouldn’t really be left in all year, only for a week or so at a time while you’re monitoring varroa levels.

    • willowbatel says :

      Yeah, I think it is a monitoring board haha. I’ve just taken to leaving it in year round, which I know I shouldn’t do. I’ll take it out next time I think. And hopefully there won’t be anything on it!

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