Trunchen Hive Gets A New Home

Sorry its taken me so long to post about this. The warm summer weather has kept me off of my laptop for a while now.

On the 7th I moved Trunchen Hive to my aunts house, around 7:30 at night. My cousin was unable to come any earlier, but it worked out for the best I think. It was relatively easy (I moved the bottom boxes and the floor of the hive into the back of my cousins truck, then moved the top two boxes and the roof and put them back on top before strapping everything down) and the bees were perfectly clam. I really hope they over winter well because they’re extremely well behaved and I’d love to keep them around for a while. Its nice to be safe in my own back yard again, haha.

On the 8th I moved the two White Hive boxes around, so that the top box was moved to Trunchen Hives old location. I don’t have a second bottom board for White Hive, so I had to make do with a large piece of granite that the people who lived here before us left behind. Its about half an inch too thin, so the sides of the box hang over the edges a little. Its got rounded corners on one side though, which was nice, and it’s a little short, so I put the rounded edges in the front and made the flat side flush with the back. The bees now have two small entrances on the left and right corners of the front of the box to work with. There’s not anywhere convenient for them to stand to fan air into the colony, but I put the super on and raised the roof up a little in the back, so there should be more airflow.

The bottom box of White Hive stayed where it was, and I put two Warre’ boxes on top of the hole on the telescoping cover. I’m hoping this allows me to move all of the bees up into these two boxes, and then remove the langstroth box and place it back under the colony with no bottom board. It also means I will probably have to harvest some honey from the langstroth boxes, because the reduced egg laying while the queens where being raised allowed the bees to put honey in space that would normally have been occupied by the brood. We’ll see what happens!

Trunchen Hive is doing fine at my aunts, as far as I know. I should probably head over there sometime in the next few days to see how things are going, and to add another box onto the colony. With all the clover in her area they very easily could fill a fifth box with wax before the end of the season.

I’ll open my hives up sometime in the next few days as well (maybe tomorrow?) just to see how they’re doing. The timing of things is really based on how quickly the hive with two different styles of boxes moves up into the warre’s. The sooner they move up there the sooner I can rearrange things and provide more space for everyone. Certainly not conventional, but it seems to be working ok so far!


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