Feeding Samanthas Hive

I came up with a really cheap way to feed the bees. I poked some holes in the bottom of a plastic tub (a salsa thing or something like that) and put it on top of the telescoping cover of Samantha’s Hive. I then put an empty warre’ box around that to help keep in some of the heat. Unfortunately the feeder’s holes are a little too big and thus the sugar water drips out, but I think it’s slowly enough that the bees can manage it. It holds about 4 cups.

Hopefully these girls figure things out and get enough food collected before it gets cold again. I don’t think I like italians very much. The queen hasn’t slowed egg laying at all. How are they thinking they’re going to feed all of these bees when they haven’t got more than a few pounds of honey?

I did go over to my aunts recently, but I didn’t want to open up the bees because it was getting too late. I peeked through into the box with the window on the back and found they hadn’t moved into it. It was the 4th box down, so they’re still in the three boxes I moved them to my aunts house in. I think I might over winter them in those three boxes, depending on how heavy they feel. I can’t imagine they collected enough honey for me to take. 


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