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Egg Sighting And Movie Screening

I had been leaving my hives alone after I got them moved, and gradually let the laying-worker-colony die off. I went to collect the box a few days ago, to the dismay of the wasps that had been cleaning it out for me. I also decided to check on the hive I had moved across the lawn, which I thought had been without a queen. I was overjoyed to find eggs present on at least two of the frames, and quickly closed the hive back up again, as it was technically too cold to be working with them, even though the sun was out and lots of bees were flying from the hive. I was dismayed to see that the hive had mites, however. I saw one on a worker as I was closing up the box. They have almost no honey stores, but a very large amount of pollen. I’m going to try to feed them through the winter, in the hopes that it will help. The mites really dishearten me though.

In much more uplifting news, I have been asked to table at a movie event for the city of Issaquah. I was recommended to the event’s coordinator by someone who works for the office of sustainability and is the go-to person if we need things in the garden where I intern. I was asked to bring all of the props I brought during the summer for my internship, and I was also asked to find 2 or 3 expert beekeepers who were willing to speak after the movie. We’re watching Queen of the Sun, by the way. I found two people from the Snoqualmie association who were interested, and now all we have to do is wait until December 12th for the event! I’m really excited about it, and I’m hoping it creates some new opportunities for me, since I’m finished with my associates degree on Dec. 6th. 

I’ve also finally made the effort to get certified as a master beekeeper. I have to become an apprentice and a journeyman first, but those shouldn’t be too difficult. Community outreach is one of the requirements for getting certified, and since I did that all summer I’ve definitely got those hours covered.