My Aunt’s Colony Is Still Alive

My family got together for coffee this morning and I ended up going over to my aunts house to check on her bees. She was certain the activity in/around her hive was just robber bees, so she wanted me to double check. After getting there all I needed to do was knock on the side of the hive to send a few guard bees shooting out to investigate. Remember that her hive is a Warre, and last year I left three boxes on instead of the recommended two. I take this to mean that the hive population is large if they’re able to crawl through one and a half to two boxes of empty comb to investigate a disturbance so quickly. Needless to say, my aunt and I were very excited to have bees survive the winter. She was concerned that her bees hadn’t made it, and so asked me to buy another colony for her. So once I reach someone who sells packages I’ll get one for her as well as one for me.

I’ll have to go over there again soon so I can check the hive’s stores. My aunt texted me after I had left to say that there were lots of bees coming in with pollen, which is excellent news. By the sound of things she wants these bees to kind of officially be hers. Which is fine with me; going to her house to keep bees is not convenient since I’m not working there any more. It’s a half hour from my house, but the hive location is nice because there are lots of open fields with flowers in them. She should get plenty of honey this year!


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