Poppy Poppy Who’s Got The Poppies

Sorry I didn’t post last week! I went to my aunts and peaked in on her bees while I was down there for an outreach event. Hers appear to be building up much slower than mine are, which I find weird given that her’s have a lot more nectar options than mine. I didn’t have time this weekend to get down to see them, but I did check on mine and found that they only had about 3 frames of “empty” space left. Those frames were being used very lightly for pollen and nectar. Pollen is extremely abundant in the hive right now, taking the normal place of honey on the frames. Mostly its grey or black, which indicates its coming from poppies. I added the second deep box of mine, which I had intended to paint green but didn’t have time to do. Since the hive is visible from certain parts of the street in front of my house, I would rather it be painted a more natural color so it doesn’t draw attention. It’s actually against the law to have it visible from the street, which I think is absolutely ridiculous. It’s an outdated law and makes it impossible to educate my community about beekeeping.

I moved the three “empty” frames , as well as a frame that was 90% pollen but had some new eggs (and the queen!) on it, up into the new deep box. Its been in the upper 70s for a week and flowers are everywhere. My garden has never had so many flowers or bees in it. At one point this year we had 5 different kinds of bumblebees alone, with countless solitary bees. Leaf cutting bees have just started to show up, which is really exciting. I’m hoping to set up a house for them soon, and I also really want to try to put up a bat house. My mom is also getting serious about putting in a rain garden. Anyway! This is strictly a beekeeping blog, so I won’t go into details about all of that. The bees are doing exceptionally well and thats what matters!


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