Double Checking The Laying Workers

I went to my aunts house today to deal with her bees, but when I got there something told me I should peak in the hive one more time before I jumped into action. I was glad that I did because I found an almost fully drawn queen cup and a few new eggs around in. I don’t know why the current queen is not laying eggs properly but if they have a queen cup then I’m going to leave them alone for a bit. I don’t know if it will end up being a successful queen rearing, so I’ll go back next week to triple check the happenings in the hive. If they’ve torn down the queen cup then I’ll combine them with the other colony so that i’ll have at least one strong colony.

I’m really frustrated that I’m not able to just make a definite decision with these bees. They’re such fluid creatures that cut and dry decisions are impossible (for me anyway) and so I never feel like I’m making the right decisions. At least in this situation I know that both colonies will be fine for another week, and if things don’t go the way I plan then I can always change them and hopefully resolve this situation. 


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