Successful Combo

Wednesday of this week was a day I had off, so naturally I didn’t relax at all and spent the whole day running errands. Somewhere in the middle of everything I found time to go and check on my aunts bees. They seemed a bit more aggressive than they had previously been, but I needed to know if last weeks shenanigans had been a success so I proceeded with caution. I took the top box off and flipped it over to look at the underside of the comb. There wasn’t much to see, and since that box is technically a honey super I decided I would skip it and moved on to the box underneath it. I flipped that box over and cut loose a piece of comb in the middle so I could examine it. Flipping the box right side up, I carefully pulled up the top bar and the attached comb to see what I could find. At first all I saw was pollen (and lots of it) but after searching for a bit longer I realized that every cell not occupied with pollen had an egg in it. Which means that combining the hives was a success!

I’m not sure that this colony will be strong enough to handle a second winter, and am seriously considering requeening. The drastic increase in eggs is a good sign, but I was still easily able to lift all four boxes, which is a problem. I think regardless of whether I requeen or not I’ll have to feed this colony through the winter.

I also get to check my hive later today, so expect to see a post about that! 


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