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The Worst Class Ever

After a few months of school I’ve decided to move home. This school reminds me so much of high school I genuinely almost dropped out at one point. My teachers are horrible and despite this being a 16 credit program they treat it like its worth 20. The amount of work i’ve had to do is insane. We have a full book to read per week (all 300+ pages) and on top of that we have 2+ chapters for each of the three teachers. We have a lab report due every week, 20 chemistry problems, and 5 statistic problems, each requiring about a half page response. I have been killing myself to do well in this program and took midterms two weeks ago. Despite this class being considered “one” class, its being taught like its 4 separate subjects, which is exactly what this school is against. The class average for those midterms? Below 70 for all of them, with the lowest average being 58. I was above average for Chemistry and Oceanography, but my Statistics teacher had his midterm be about government which I was not prepared for, so I completely failed it.

If you thought 3 midterms for one class was fun (did I mention they were all designed to take 2 hours?) you’ll be excited to know that I’ve got FOUR midterms. My stats teacher is giving us 2 of them, one of which is actually about stats and the other about government, which he didn’t teach us anything about all quarter. Keep in mind that we meet with each of these professors literally just once a week (we have class 4 days a week, one of which is a day in which no body “teaches” us anything). So we’re expected to have learned 4 whole classes worth of material from just 9 days of class time for each subject. It’s the worst class I’ve ever taken. I learned more from the weekly seminar books (that’s the thing we do one day a week where no one actually teaches us anything) than I have from any of these professors.

Anyway, long story short this whole school thing is not working for me, so I’m moving back home. I have this week off of school for Thanksgiving, but I work tomorrow, Wednesday, and Sunday. My mom is coming down on Tuesday to pick up all of my stuff, and then I’ll spend the night down here and move back home on Wednesday after work!