Archive | March 2015

I thought I had posted this already but I guess I forgot. My aunt agreed to buy three packages of honeybees for me this year, so I will be continuing with beekeeping. I think its time I invested in some mitecides though, because I’m tired of not having bees make it through the winter. I’ve been trying to convince myself they’ll make it through without my help, but 5 failed years in a row seem to have proved me wrong. I’ll be getting bees on the 18th of April from a company that buys their bees from a place in Oregon, instead of California. I’m hoping having some bees that were bred a little bit closer to home will help.

In other news, I have a picture of the blue orchard mason bees that have emerged. I put the house up for them last year and they made it through the winter!


Look at that little guy poking his head out. So cute! All of the males of the species emerge first so that they can be ready to mate as soon as the females emerge. I would really like to put up a few more blocks around the garden but I’m not sure where I’ll find the wood for it.

I drilled some smaller holes of varying sizes in a log I had last year, and while only a few of them were filled those bees have all emerged too! I don’t have any pictures of them but I’m excited to know there will be more of them this year.