Three Hives In 2015

On the 18th I picked up three 4 pound packages of bees and installed 1 at my house and two at my aunts house. I just checked all of them yesterday and they’re all bursting with bees! The two hives at my aunts house got two pollen patties each, because we really wanted to make sure they got a good head start this year. The bees at my house got to use all 100lbs of honey and pollen from last years bees, since everything was so crystalized I had no way to extract it. The result being that my hive is much further ahead than either of my aunts, and they already have some frames of caped honey. They had several full frames of brood, honey, and pollen. And most importantly, all three colonies have several frames with capped larvae! This year is gonna be good.

There was a slight bit of confusion when I picked up the bees, because my aunt was the one who ordered and paid for them and they sent her the wrong pickup date. One email said we were supposed to pick them up over here, and the other said we should’ve picked them up over there a week earlier. Thankfully the guy selling them had a few extra because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten anything but a refund. So instead of 3 packages of italians we got 3 packages of carniolans. And that’s fine with me. This year I’m going to finally break down and try using some miticides before winter comes. I’m tired of loosing bees every winter and its beyond time I started doing everything I can to keep them safe.

I don’t know that I will post as much as I have in previous years this year, but I will try to keep everyone updated! So far things are looking great. Oh! And with that new pond I installed a month or so ago the bees have got a new place to drink. There is always at least a dozen bees getting water, which is surprising to me because I’d never seen them drink so much in previous years. I would assume they’re using most of it to dilute the crystalized honey, but its hard to say.


Until next time!


6 responses to “Three Hives In 2015”

  1. Emily Scott says :

    Awesome, glad they’re enjoying themselves.

  2. The Honeypotters says :

    So sorry to hear of your winer losses. Those mites are horrible, horrible creatures. My hives died over the winter because of varroa. I just started using Apiguard yesterday. I’ll keep you updated on the results.

  3. Talking With Bees says :

    Hello. I had a winter wipe out so bought 2 nucs. I was just wondering what bee suit you use and is it any good? I have been looking for a good one and the Sherriff Apiarist Suit looks like it will reduce the number of stings I have been getting. Good luck for 2015.

    • willowbatel says :

      I have two suits, but I don’t know what either of them is called. One of them has a large plastic hat which the veil drapes off of and then some ribbing keeps the veil away from my face. The second suit I bought because I didn’t like the first one, but I’m waiting for my aunt to sew the helmet onto the suit. It has elastic on the sleeves and the pant legs, which I really like, and the helmet looks like one you would wear for fencing. I have a feeling it will be easier to use because there are less parts to it.
      I just clicked on your link and my second suit is the one you have, haha. Do you like it?

  4. Emma Sarah Tennant says :

    Congratulations on what sounds like an excellent start to this year’s beekeeping!

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