The Green Hive At Home

The Green Hive I have at home is doing very well. The bees have moved down partially into the second box, having completely filled the first one, so I switched things around to make it easier for them. There could be a little more honey in the hive but they’re certainly not hurting for any either. They have an astounding amount of pollen though, with the first two frames of the top box being completely full of it. I’d never seen so much pollen in one place before. They had a few swarm cells showing up around the bottom edges of a single frame, but they didn’t have any eggs in them and they weren’t very big. I squished them down, and with the boxes reversed I don’t expect to have any issues. The brood area did seem slightly smaller than in some of the other hives I’ve seen, and they had it pushed to the back of the hive, with a noticeable band of honey curved from the front of the hive up around the top of the frames. It kind of reminded me of a helmet.

I got to see the queen out on the first frame in the hive. She was definitely looking for a place to lay eggs, and was swollen and completely black. She vanished fairly quickly with all the drones running around. This years packages had a lot of drones in them for some reason, and they are all a very dark color like the queen. I made sure to put that frame back quickly and removed the one next to it so the queen would stay next to the wall and safe out of the way. I was happy to see her so quickly and I don’t have any worries for these bees this year! My garden is in full bloom and i’ve got bumblebees and birds everywhere. The fountain I installed a month or so ago has bees on the sunny side of it every day, and birds are slowly realizing it’s here and using it regularly.


2 responses to “The Green Hive At Home”

  1. Emma Sarah Tennant says :

    Your garden sounds idyllic with hives, bumblebees and fountains. Does your fountain pond have any fish or frogs? Do you have any bug hotels for solitary bees and other pollinators?

    • willowbatel says :

      I don’t have any frogs yet but I’m slowly acquiring new aquatic ugs every day.
      I have 2 small bsolitary bee logs with a third in the wordks a. I think I’m gonna buy some power tools and try to make a bat house. If I could manage bats and snakes my garden would be perfect!

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