HopGuard week 3

This marks the third week of hop guard treatment. Last week I did a very quick check on the hives before I replaced the hop guard strips. I checked the outer edges of the brood nest to see how many frames of brood each colony had. White Hive had 8 last week, so I added an extra deep box for them with some honey stores in it for encouragement. Green Hive had 5 frames last week so they just got their treatment.

I’ll check in on them next weekend and remove the treatments. Today marks the first day of summer so things will be much warmer here on out. It’s been a perfect spring though. Rain every few days when we needed it, 70 degree days more often than not. It was actually too hot for spring here in Washington. We had several record setting days up in the 90s. Everything is vibrant and green as a result though. I’m sure we’ll have a very dry summer.

Anyway, everything is going great with the bees so far!


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