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Additions For Everyone

I know it’s been a while since I checked the bees (at least a month) but I’ve been really busy with work and garden projects. Both hives looked great today. I’ve got errands to run so I opened them up really early in the day, which was definitely a problem for both hives. White Hive was REALLY aggressive, and at one point I thought about stopping with them. I added a deep box on last time, which they haven’t really moved into yet, so I moved a couple of the outer frames from the bottom box up into the center of the second box. And because I seen to have no time to check on them, I added the only super I have, with a queen guard, as well. White Hive was lower on honey stores than the last time I checked them, but there’s lots of pollen. I only saw one super exude cell, so that’s good. The Super has some honey from last years bees in it, so those extra few frames of food should help them.

Green Hive was only slightly less aggressive that White Hive, but they had been left in a single deep box and everyone was packed in tightly. I added a deep box on top for them as well, and moved 4 outer frames up into the center of the top box. 2 frames were stores and 2 frames were brood. They have a little bit more honey than White Hive, which I thought was interesting.

All in all both hives look really good! The only plants that are being heavily worked by bees in my garden right now are Oregano and lavender. The lavender is huge and covered in at least 4 different kinds of bees at all times. I’ve even seen some new species to the garden this year on it!