Ahead In April

I checked in on the girls again today, since temps have been consistently warmer and flowers are everywhere. They have started moving up into the second brood box and there are 5 full frames between the two deeps of ripening honey. Pollen is tucked in everywhere, with about 3 full frames scattered around the hive. Drones have also started showing up, and one of the drone frames from last year (which I accidentally left centrally located in the top brood box) has been filled. 5 frames of capped brood are in the lower brood box, a frame of fresh eggs is in the top, and there were 2 small frames emerging in the super.

I moved the super, which I had left on the bottom of the hive, to the top. The bees were just starting to emerge from the frames in it so I wanted the box up where the honey should be going. I’m also hoping it reminds the bees they still have lots of empty frames to work with. They had a superscedure cell forming in the top box but I squashed it. I moved a few empty frames in closer to the brood nest, and pulled the full secondary frames of honey away. Everything is looking really good!


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