2 Nucs, 2 Hives, Lots of Queen Cells

I took a quick peak in on the bees today to make sure they all were requeening themselves properly. Green Hive, which still has the original queen, is doing wonderfully with several frames of new eggs and lots of room to grow safely. I did notice mites again in this hive  but I’m not sure if I should treat them right now because I can’t treat the other colonies. Can you safely treat nucs?

Both nucs are doing well, having capped all of their brood and brought in more nectar and pollen. Both nucs had 3 or 4 queen cells in them, so I’m excited to see how everything goes with them! I’ve never made my own nucs before so I’m not sure what all to expect. One nuc has slightly more bees than the other, and they also made more queen cells as a result. One of the queen cells had a hole near the base, and I could see the almost fully formed queen moving around inside. She was still pale and her wings hadn’t really formed yet, but given a couple more days she might be out and about. I couldn’t tell if I had somehow made the hole while moving the frame, or if there was another queen running around in the hive somewhere who wasn’t trying to off her competition. Because this colony had so many queen cells I decided to pull open the weakest looking queen cell, just to get a look at a developing queen. This queen also looked like she only needed a few more days before she’d be ready to emerge. Her skin was still very pale and her wings were still shriveled, but her eyes were dark. She fell down in between the frames while I was extracting her from her cell so I didn’t get to hold onto her and take pictures.

I moved on to White Hive, which is located where the first hive was and as a result they got all of the forager bees. This colony had lots of everything, bees, pollen, nectar, and capped honey. They had several queen cells too, so not to count my eggs before they’ve hatched, it looks like everyone is on track for a sucessful split!



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