Trap Out Day 1

Today I went over to my moms friends house to begin trapping a colony of honeybees that have taken up residence inside a tree. Thankfully the entrance is less than 5 feet off the ground and is in an easily accessible tree. I’ve never done a trap out before so I’m excited to see how this goes!

I began the process by using poultry netting staples to attach wire mesh over the crack of the tree. I was able to cover the crack perfectly and everything was going smoothly until I realized the bees were able to slip through the mesh. I’d managed to buy the wrong gauge of wire mesh, haha. Since I didn’t want to have to bother with spending another hour driving to and from a hardware store I decided to just fold the mesh back over itself and hope that doubling it up would be enough of a barrier. It was good enough in some places but not others, so I used duct tape to cover the rest of it.

Instead of making a cone out of wire mesh I decided to just buy plastic bee escape cones. I’m glad I did because otherwise I would have had to go to the store to get the right mesh. I fit this cone onto the end of a scrap piece of tubing I had, and then stuffed the open end of the tube into a hole I cut in the mesh directly in front of the entrance.

Here’s a pic of the finished work! Bees were piling up in random places around the mesh, only to disperse and reform in another spot later. The fork of the tree seemed to be the most interesting to them and I tried to use more duct tape to completely cover it. I’m going to check back in on it tomorrow and make sure the bees didn’t find any entrances. I also want to try and direct the tub so bees are forced to walk out directly into the hive I provided. Bees found the hive almost immediately and began fanning to signal others to follow suit. I’m hoping this all works the way it’s supposed to!


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