When It All Goes Wrong At Once

So… Things have gone a little wrong. Green Hive has almost no honey stored. Like, virtually no honey at all. I didn’t check on Pink Hive because they’re still being requeened. White Hive was supposed to have been requeened by today but when I checked on them I was irritated to find that they hadn’t chewed through the paper at all. The box I put them in is one of the windowed boxes my aunt made for me a couple of years ago. The window is too high on the box so the telescoping cover hits it and doesn’t close correctly. Normally this isn’t a problem, as it just provides extra ventilation for the hive, but this time it means that there was enough of a gap for the bees to use it as an entrance. As such, neither the bees in the top box, or those in the lower box, decided to chew through the paper and are functioning as separate colonies. The colony below is queenless but had nearly capped a couple of queen cells. The colony on top is queen right, but because they have filled in almost all available space on the five frames they’re occupying (the other 5 are just wire/foundation) the queen is very limited in their movements and workers have started laying on one of the outer frames.

I moved pollen and honey filled frames from the lower colony into the box on top, giving them more stores and room to expand the brood nest. Despite an extreme lack of resources Green Hive is still maintaining a large brood nest between it’s two boxes. Obviously my goal is not to expand the brood nest significantly, just to provide extra room for the queen to deter laying workers. Green Hive has more than enough honey to make it through winter, they just have two separate colonies on the same box. The lower colony is the only one that had nectar ripening on a couple frames.

As I was working I did somehow manage to get stung on my right side, a little below and behind my armpit. I have no idea how this happened since I couldn’t have accidentally squished a bee between my arm and side here if I wanted to. It took me another 5-10 minutes to close up the hives properly, since I had to reapply newspaper and then also make sure the hole in the inner cover was blocked by a brick. The telescoping cover went on top of the brick, and then had another brick on top so it wouldn’t blow away.

Once I was back in my own house I used broad leafed plantain to neutralize the venom of the sting, and I also took the precaution of taking two benedryl. I hate taking shots so I’m really hoping symptoms don’t get worse, but I have noticed a little more swelling than usual since it took so long to apply the plantain, and my joints in my right arm and shoulder also hurt much faster than usual. I suppose I should go to the ER but it’s just such an inconvenience.

Anyway! None of the hives are ready for winter and I leave for school on the 14th! Not sure how I’ll manage to correct everything but helpfully it all works out!


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