Hello, my name is willowbatel.

I live in Western Washington and began beekeeping when I was 16. I’m what I call a lazy environmentalist. I get to provide a great service to the world, while letting hundreds of thousands of bees do all the work! My yard is full of bee friendly plants, for all seasons, and the bees pollinate all of my crops as a plus. They’re honestly the lowest maintenance “farm animal” you could have. All you do is put them in a box and watch them go!

I use this blog as a kind of beekeeping diary, as well as a place to connect with fellow beekeepers around the globe. The transference of ideas and all that. Beekeeping is a big passion of mine, and despite being deathly allergic to bees (and still rather frightened of them) they’re one of my absolute favorite things. Watching those girls working selflessly for the good of the colony is something I could (and often do) do all day without complaint!

I try to post as often as I can, documenting anything from the weather to what’s currently in bloom. I now have three hives in total, in two locations. Two hives reside in my yard, while the third (a recaptured swarm from one of my own hives) lives at my aunt’s in the next town over. The hives in my yard have been named thus: White Hive, which is my langstroth, currently ruled by Queen Tasha Trunchbull, and Truchen Hive, which is a Warre’ hive and was headed by Queen Agatha Trunchbull. Queen Agatha over-wintered from 2011 in White Hive and is a strong enough queen that she managed to be split into the Warre, along with half of the bees from White Hive, and had laid enough eggs in White Hive to allow them to swarm some weeks later when the new queens hatched. Queen Agatha later swarmed and now Trunchen Hive is headed by an unknown queen, who has yet to be seen due to the bees attaching all of the comb to the walls of the hive.

I got my bees August 1st, 2010. See this post for the day’s events.


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